Prof. Lifeng Chi
MORE+Team profile

    Our group consists of three groups- physics, chemistry and devices. There are one disdinguished professor, two professors, one associate professor (all with overseas study experience), one research assitant professor, two postdoctoral fellows, ten PhD students, twenty-four master students, and eight undergraduate interns. The main research directions include: On-surface molecular self-assembly behavior, on-surface in-situ chemistry, functional molecular materials and structural surfaces, and surface micro-domain physical properties.

    Our research group is equipped with sufficient research funds and world-class large-scale scientific research instruments (three ultra-high vacuum scanning tunneling microscopes, atmospheric scanning tunneling microscope, Dimension Icon atomic force microscope, semiconductor vaporizer, scanning electron microscope, spectrometer, etc.). It also maintains long-term cooperation and student exchanges with many well-known universities and research institutes at home and abroad, such as Tsinghua University, National Nano Center, Institute of Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Technical University of Munich.

    Our group intends to recruit master's and doctoral students in three directions: physics, materials and chemistry. Hope the students can be qualified with: (1) having a natural interest in scientific research, having enough curiosity about the world; (2) think big, start small, avoiding having grandiose aims but puny abilities; (3) having a perseverance in doing things, willing to study, willing to adhere; (4) the moral and intellectual development is comprehensive and has a team spirit. Everyone is welcome to apply for it!