Lifeng Chi

Distinguished professor

Doctoral supervisor

  • 0512-65880725
Education background
1982, B.S., Jilin University, Dept. of Phys.
1985, M.S , Jilin University, Dept. of Chem.
1989, Ph.D. Max-Planck-Inst. for Biophys. Chem./Göttingen Univ., Germany

1990-1993, Post-Doc., Mainz Univ./BASF, Germany

1997-2000,won Nord professorship scholarship (Lisa-Meitner award)

1999,won "Cooperative research fund for overseas young scholars"

1993-2000, Group leader/habilitant, Phys. Insti. Münster Univ. Germany

2001-2004, Private docent, Phys. Inst. Münster Univ., Germany

2004-2013, Professor, Phys. Inst., Münster Univ., Germany

2003-2011,Double pointed professor, Key Lab of Supramolecular Structure and Materials, Jilin University

2012-now, Professor, FUNSOM, Soochow Univ., (1000 Talent Program)

2014-now, Adjunt Professor, Phys. Inst., Münster Univ., Germany

Research directions
Our group has first-class equipments and rich experience in high-resolution characterization, structure preparation, device preparation, etc. The research directions include:

1. Research on self-assembly behavior molecules.
Including the influence and regulation of molecular structure and growth conditions on the molecular assembly structure, the main characterization method is scanning tunneling microscopy.

2. on-surface chemistry.
The ultra-high vacuum scanning tunneling microscope and Qplus non-contact atomic force microscopy are used to study the reaction mechanism, reaction process, intermediate state and products at the atomic and molecular level, especially the systemic characterization of functional electronic states and catalytic activities.

3. Functional molecular materials and structural surfaces.
Mainly research on the application of organic semiconductor growth and regulation in devices (such as OFET, Micro-OLED, gas sensor)

4. Characterization of physical properties of surface microdomains.
The atomic force microscopy (AFM) was used to characterize the surface structure, morphology and micro-physical properties of the surface of organic polymer materials on the nanometer scale, including electrical, magnetic and mechanical properties.

Group status
Our group consists of three groups- physics, chemistry and devices. There are one disdinguished professor, one professor, two associate professors (all with overseas study experience), one research assitant, two postdoctoral fellows, nine PhD students, twenty-four master students, and ten undergraduate interns.

1.National outstanding youth (category B) 

2.Talents for mass entrepreneurship and innovation in jiangsu province

3.The ACS Nano Lectureship
4.Award International union of pure and applied chemistry (IUPAC) award for outstanding women in chemical engineering
Representative publications

1. Qigang Zhong, Yunbin Hu, Kaifeng Niu, Haiming Zhang, Biao Yang, Daniel Ebeling, Jalmar Tschakert, Tao Cheng, André Schirmeisen, Akimitsu Narita,* Klaus Müllen,* Lifeng Chi1*, Benzo-Fused Periacenes or Double Helicenes? Different Cyclodehydrogenation Pathways on Surface and in Solution, Journal of the American Chemical Society2019, 141(18), 7399-7406

2. Song Zhang, Hu-jun Qian,  Zhonghua Liu, Hongyu Ju, Zhong-yuan Lu, Haiming Zhang,  Lifeng Chi, * and Shuxun Cui *, Towards Unveiling the Exact Molecular Structure of Amorphous Red Phosphorus by Single-molecule Studies, Angewandte Chemie International Edition2019, 58, 1-6

3. Biao Yang, Nan Cao, Huanxin Ju, Haiping Lin*, Youyong Li , Honghe Ding, Jinqiang Ding, Junjie Zhang, Chencheng Peng, Haiming Zhang, Junfa Zhu , Qing Li* and Lifeng Chi*, Intermediate States Directed Chiral Transfer on a Silver Surface, Journal of the American Chemical Society2019, 141(1), 168-174

4. Xuechao Li,  Haiming Zhang and Lifeng Chi*,On‐Surface Synthesis of Graphyne‐Based Nanostructures, Advanced Materials2018, 1804087

5. Jianzhong Zheng, Junchang Zhang, Zi Wang, Liubiao Zhong, Yinghui Sun, Zhiqiang Liang, Youyong Li, Lin Jiang*, Xiaodong Chen* and Lifeng Chi*, Programmable negative differential resistance effects based on self-assembled Au@PPy core-shell nanoparticle arrays, Advanced Materials201830(350), 1802731

6. Qigang Zhong, Daniel Ebeling, Jalmar Tschakert, Yixuan Gao, Deliang Bao, Shixuan Du, Chen Li, Lifeng Chi & André Schirmeisen, Symmetry breakdown of 4,4″-diamino-p-terphenyl on a Cu(111) surface by lattice mismatch, Nature Communications20189, 3277

7. Jianzhong Zheng, Junchang Zhang, Zi Wang, Liubiao Zhong, Yinghui Sun, Zhiqiang Liang, Youyong Li, Lin Jiang*, Xiaodong Chen* and Lifeng Chi*, Programmable negative differential resistance effects based on self-assembled Au@PPy core-shell nanoparticle arrays, Advanced Materials201830(350), 1802731

8. Aifeng Lv, Matthias Freitag, Kathryn M. Chepiga, Andreas H. Schäfer, Frank Glorius* and Lifeng Chi*, N-Heterocyclic carbene-treated gold surfaces in pentacene organic field-effect transistors: improved stability and contact at the interface, Angewandte Chemie International Edition,  201857, 4792-4796

9. Kewei Sun, Aixi Chen, Meizhuang liu, Haiming Zhang*, Ruomeng Duan, Penghui Ji, Ling Li, Qing Li, Chen Li, Dingyong Zhong, Klaus Müllen and Lifeng Chi*, Surface-assisted alkane polymerization: Investigation on structure-reactivity relationship, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2018140 (14), 4820-4825

10. Zhongmiao Gong, Biao Yang, Haiping Lin, Yunyu Tang, Zeyuan Tang, Junjie Zhang, Haiming Zhang, Youyong Li, Yongshu Xie, Qing Li*, Lifeng Chi*, Structural variation in surface supported synthesis by adjusting stoichiometric ratio of the reactants, ACS Nano2016, 10, 4228-4235. 

11. Qing Li, Biao Yang, Haiping Lin, Nabi Aghdassi, Kangjian Miao, Junjie Zhang, Haiming Zhang, Youyong Li, Steffen Duhm, Jian Fan*, Lifeng Chi*, Surface-controlled mono/diselective ortho C–H bond activation, Journal of the American Chemical Society 2016, 138, 2809-2814.

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