The English corner was held in the group

Date:2017-10-02Keywords:English cornerView:1180

  The importance of English in scientific research is self-evident.In order to improve everyone's English grammar, oral level, logical ability, the group organized an English corner once a week.

  In order to facilitate the arrangement of time, the weekly English corner is arranged after the group meeting, including the personal presentation and debate competition.In the first part, a person will be selected to give a report on English grammar and daily English, etc. In the second part, a debate topic will be given and the pros and cons will debate in English.The decision of debate candidates is based on the principle of voluntary first, then draw lots.The debate is open-ended.

  How do you judge winners and losers?We execute run ticket system, namely begin and final the support side that eats melon masses respectively, pass two square number of votes difference value will judge to win or lose.This reduces the advantages and disadvantages of the argument itself and is more fair to both sides.

  To encourage positive preparation and participation in positive debates, each team member received a material reward for the winning team.In order to encourage people to listen carefully to the debate, give a fair judgment, debate will buy fruit snacks for everyone to enjoy, so that everyone in a relaxed and happy atmosphere to learn English ~

  In the future, the forms of English learning in the group will be more diversified. In addition to debates and reports, WeChat groups and QQ groups will also be added, so as to integrate English learning into the daily life of the students in the group.