Congratulations to professor Lifeng Chi on winning the ACS Nano Lectureship Award 2016

Date:2016-07-19Keywords:ACS Nano Lectureship AwardView:1640

  The ACS Nano Lectureship Awards 2016 was recently announced on the official website of the American Chemical Society (ACS). One of the winners was teacher Chi, which is also the first time for a Chinese university researcher to win the award.Here I would like to extend warm congratulations to Prof. Chi!

  ACS Nano Lectureship Awards is an award sponsored by ACS Nano magazine.Established in 2012, the award is awarded annually to scholars from the americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa, and Asia/Pacific for their contributions to nanoscience and technology.Professor Christopher Murray of the University of Pennsylvania and professor Andrea Ferrari of the University of Cambridge also won the 2016 prize.

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